Gus all went well we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We do have a video for you and will send it as soon as we get the CD made; a family member has the video on her camera. We have recommended you too many and told them what a great experience we had with you. You're the greatest :-)

Rob and Tina Morgan 10/7/2012


My wife Janet and I worked with Gus for the first dance of our wedding. Neither Janet nor I had had any dance experience to speak of, and we were definitely intimidated by the prospect of taking formal lessons. Gus proved to be very fun to work with, and very educational: his method of teaching is terrific, and it didn't take long to go from feeling hopeless to feeling confident in our ability to look good to our friends, family and coworkers on the dance floor. Gus assembled (and modified, as needed) a great choreography for our chosen song and, as his slogan says, he really did teach us to dance it "elegantly"! We would definitely recommend Gus to anyone looking to learn dancing in a rigorous but fun environment!


Lee & Janet, London


We met Gus as our instructor for a charity dance competition. Both of us had always had a passion for dance but to this point had never taken the giant leap in to the dance world. Gus gave us a big shove. Gus was very patient and adjusted his schedule to meet ours. He always stayed late and worked diligently to ensure we had the support required for us to be successful. He was involved with all details from helping with our costumes to the sound and lighting arrangements at the event. Gus made extra efforts the day of the competition to ensure that his teams were prepared and was right there with us up to the moment the music started.

Gus's teaching methods are proven and enjoyable. Gus was always available for questions and his special delivery videos were very much appreciated. He is technically advanced and his use of video as a teaching tool was invaluable. Gus would bring his equipment to our practice locations as required. Hours seem like minutes and after the competition was over, we both agreed that we would continue our lessons with Gus because we missed his humor and character. We have continued to enjoy every moment with Gus.

Pete Reintjes & Victoria Loucks London Ontario


When I met Goetz I had been dancing for some time and had taken International style ballroom dance lessons from several instructors. I attended a few group classes led by Goetz and immediately knew he was an experienced and totally committed teacher. I signed up for private lessons and was delighted to have the opportunity to learn from a master! Goetz's technique is flawless and he has the ability to convey information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

In addition to reinforcing the basic and fundamental principles of good dancing, over a three-year period, Goetz gradually and effectively taught me the International syllabus and I was dancing at the "Gold" standard level!

I participated in several pro-am competitions with Goetz and earned a number of first places in the standard dances (waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep, Viennese waltz). Goetz is a brilliant instructor who holds many professional dance designations and has an abundance of experience and expertise in International style ballroom dancing. His training and understanding of body mechanics, correct footwork, movement, musicality and dance technique are unparalleled. Any serious dance student who wishes to be a top dancer will not easily find an instructor with his qualifications, depth of knowledge and training.

Last, and most important, Goetz has an outstanding personality and not only teaches one to dance but makes it an extraordinarily fun and enjoyable past-time/hobby!!!

Elma Pena, Miami Florida


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