Gus is a Triple A Dancer with a professional gentleman's etiquette. I contacted Gus about taking dance lessons for my wedding, before we even met Gus he asked for our first dance song and he basically had a whole dance choreography for the song thought out. He made my fiance and I feel comfortable right off the bat and by the end of our first lesson I felt like I was home because Gus is so personable and friendly and as we practiced we collaborated with him on what we liked or didn't like about the dance and he'd tweak it till we liked it. I also found him to be charismatic with his positive criticism, he had my fiance and I laughing out loud half of the time which made things fun which is important when you feel like you have two left flat feet. His lesson prices are the best in London by the way in my opinion and if you thinking about doing something special for your first dance on your wedding day for your family and guests then Dance-with-Gus is what you're looking for.


Gus: We would like to give you are greatest thank you, and we have greatly appreciated everything you have done for us. You have been a great teacher of fine details you did an amazing job choreographing the song for us. We are looking forward to showing everyone what you have taught us on Saturday at our wedding.

Rob and Tina :-)

Gus is an exceptional dance instructor. I've never danced in my life and my daughter wanted me to dance with her at her wedding. She suggested I take some lessons from Gus. I was reluctant but she said he is funny, knows his stuff and he'll be able to help even me. I started taking some lessons from Gus and he was exactly what she said; He laughs, makes you feel good about what you are trying to do, is never critical but always helpful in giving the appropriate amount of instruction. I am pleased to say that the lessons went well and I didn't make a fool of myself at my daughter's wedding. Even my wife was pleased. I fully endorse Gus as a dance instructor. Regards,

Daniel Curts,  May, 16.2013

When we approached Gus for our wedding dance lessons, there was only 6 weeks left until our wedding and neither of us had any dancing experience. With the utmost skill and professionalism, Gus choreographed a beautiful routine to the song of our choice. We were worried we might not be able to learn the routine in such a short time, but with only few hours of lessons (and a bit of practice!) we were very confident about our dance on our wedding day. When the time came, we executed it perfectly, and the crowd went wild!

Gus is so friendly, welcoming and funny. He is great at making both women and men feel comfortable on the dance floor. Gus is kind, but firm. He doesn't sugar-coat his lessons...and it pays off. If you go to Gus, get ready to work hard, and to laugh a lot! We would absolutely recommend Gus to anyone looking for a wedding dance instructor. This guy works miracles!

Thea McCallum, London, Ontario

Gus all went well we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We do have a video for you and will send it as soon as we get the CD made; a family member has the video on her camera. We have recommended you too many and told them what a great experience we had with you. You're the greatest :-)

Rob and Tina Morgan 10/7/2012

My wife Janet and I worked with Gus for the first dance of our wedding. Neither Janet nor I had had any dance experience to speak of, and we were definitely intimidated by the prospect of taking formal lessons. Gus proved to be very fun to work with, and very educational: his method of teaching is terrific, and it didn't take long to go from feeling hopeless to feeling confident in our ability to look good to our friends, family and coworkers on the dance floor. Gus assembled (and modified, as needed) a great choreography for our chosen song and, as his slogan says, he really did teach us to dance it "elegantly"! We would definitely recommend Gus to anyone looking to learn dancing in a rigorous but fun environment!


Lee & Janet, London

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