Marc Wedding Testimonial

Gus is a Triple A Dancer with a professional gentleman's etiquette. I contacted Gus about taking dance lessons for my wedding, before we even met Gus he asked for our first dance song and he basically had a whole dance choreography for the song thought out. He made my fiance and I feel comfortable right off the bat and by the end of our first lesson I felt like I was home because Gus is so personable and friendly and as we practiced we collaborated with him on what we liked or didn't like about the dance and he'd tweak it till we liked it. I also found him to be charismatic with his positive criticism, he had my fiance and I laughing out loud half of the time which made things fun which is important when you feel like you have two left flat feet. His lesson prices are the best in London by the way in my opinion and if you thinking about doing something special for your first dance on your wedding day for your family and guests then Dance-with-Gus is what you're looking for.


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