Testimonial Claudia

Signing up for Dancing with Gus is one of the best decisions we ever made. Gus has worked with international competitors and is extremely committed and professional, but he is also very friendly, helpful, and patient. He tailors the lessons to each individual couple. He doesn't watch the clock, and the lessons are great fun. We had been to another dance school in London and found the format rigid and formulaic. Gus has a much better approach. You learn more steps more quickly so you can actually dance at parties soon after you begin. His studio is spacious and immaculately clean. His music system is perfect. Best of all, he tapes the specific dance steps in each class for you and emails you the video so you can watch and practice at home. It's an exceptionally effective tool. The classes are wonderful exercise too. Gus also holds parties where you can practice with other couples who are learning and not feel shy. I highly recommend.

Claudia Clausius
Associate Professor
King's University College
Western University

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