Wedding Thea

When we approached Gus for our wedding dance lessons, there was only 6 weeks left until our wedding and neither of us had any dancing experience. With the utmost skill and professionalism, Gus choreographed a beautiful routine to the song of our choice. We were worried we might not be able to learn the routine in such a short time, but with only few hours of lessons (and a bit of practice!) we were very confident about our dance on our wedding day. When the time came, we executed it perfectly, and the crowd went wild!

Gus is so friendly, welcoming and funny. He is great at making both women and men feel comfortable on the dance floor. Gus is kind, but firm. He doesn't sugar-coat his lessons...and it pays off. If you go to Gus, get ready to work hard, and to laugh a lot! We would absolutely recommend Gus to anyone looking for a wedding dance instructor. This guy works miracles!

Thea McCallum, London, Ontario

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