Gus is a Triple A Dancer with a professional gentleman's etiquette. I contacted Gus about taking dance lessons for my wedding, before we even met Gus he asked for our first dance song and he basically had a whole dance choreography for the song thought out. He made my fiance and I feel comfortable right off the bat and by the end of our first lesson I felt like I was home because Gus is so personable and friendly and as we practiced we collaborated with him on what we liked or didn't like about the dance and he'd tweak it till we liked it. I also found him to be charismatic with his positive criticism, he had my fiance and I laughing out loud half of the time which made things fun which is important when you feel like you have two left flat feet. His lesson prices are the best in London by the way in my opinion and if you thinking about doing something special for your first dance on your wedding day for your family and guests then Dance-with-Gus is what you're looking for.


Signing up for Dancing with Gus is one of the best decisions we ever made. Gus has worked with international competitors and is extremely committed and professional, but he is also very friendly, helpful, and patient. He tailors the lessons to each individual couple. He doesn't watch the clock, and the lessons are great fun. We had been to another dance school in London and found the format rigid and formulaic. Gus has a much better approach. You learn more steps more quickly so you can actually dance at parties soon after you begin. His studio is spacious and immaculately clean. His music system is perfect. Best of all, he tapes the specific dance steps in each class for you and emails you the video so you can watch and practice at home. It's an exceptionally effective tool. The classes are wonderful exercise too. Gus also holds parties where you can practice with other couples who are learning and not feel shy. I highly recommend.

Claudia Clausius
Associate Professor
King's University College
Western University

Gus Braun is an accomplished and insightful teacher. Add to this his great sense of humor, his generosity, and his patience, and you have the makings of an entertaining and effective class. We had previously tried a studio franchise where a hard-sell and the transfer of incomplete fragments of dance were designed to extract the most money for the least benefit of students. Gus is the opposite. He puts you at ease, and he is clearly invested in teaching you the most that he can. I cannot believe how much we learn each class... Great fun, good exercise, and a challenge geared to your own specific abilities and enthusiasms. Highly recommended!


My spouse and I have been taking weekly private dance lessons from Gus for about a year and half. We feel lucky we found him. Gus is amazing! He has decades of experience teaching Latin and Ballroom dance to people ranging from complete beginners with two left feet like us, all the way to highest levels of world-class dance competition. In addition to his impeccable technical expertise, he is an incredibly patient and kind teacher and makes us feel comfortable and at ease. His wicked sense of humor makes us laugh through half the class. His dance studio is large, high-tech, and comfortable. Every week we look forward to our lesson and, frankly, to seeing Gus.

Anna Zajacova, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Western Ontario

Gus Braun is a fantastic ballroom and Latin dance instructor. My husband and I had never done ballroom or Latin dance but we really wanted to learn to dance. We are so happy that we found Gus. He is a brilliant dance instructor who can teach ballroom and Latin dance to every level. From foxtrot to tango to Vienna Waltz and more, Gus can help you learn and enjoy it all. In addition to his dance lessons, he hosts incredible dance parties where you can meet other dancers and just dance the night away. He also offers group workshops and they are a great way to learn a new dance and socialize. There is always something great happening at Dance with Gus. We cannot recommend him highly enough!

Alan and Jessica

Gus is a wonderful dance teacher! We have learned so much from him, and we always have a fun time. Every lesson with Gus is a perfect mix of refining our technique and learning new dance moves. He is always patient with us, and there is always lots of laughing! We would highly recommend Dance With Gus to anyone interested in learning to dance. Jeffrey
We are social ballroom dancers; Gus has been our instructor for over 5 years. Gus has helped us improve our dancing greatly. His areas of focus are: to teach us to communicate, to really listen on the dance floor, to improvise, to dance without injury AND TO HAVE FUN. Gus is enthusiastic, a wealth of knowledge, offers helpful hints, and explains common mistakes. We look forward to his weekly lessons, regular workshops and practice dances throughout the year. Jason

Michele and I would highly recommend "Dancing With Gus”. The studio is clean, expansive, high tech and welcoming. Gus is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and patient with his students. You will get twice the lessons for half the price of the corporate dance studios! We feel very lucky to have met Gus.

Dr. Tom Smart

My daughter and I started dance lessons with Gus a year and a half ago. We feel very fortunate to have Gus as our dance instructor. He is technical yet makes it fun. No contracts, great atmosphere, one on one training. Enjoyable experience.

Gus: We would like to give you are greatest thank you, and we have greatly appreciated everything you have done for us. You have been a great teacher of fine details you did an amazing job choreographing the song for us. We are looking forward to showing everyone what you have taught us on Saturday at our wedding.

Rob and Tina :-)

I was working with Gus for several years in Germany and it was a wonderful experience every day. I learned a lot not only how to dance but to love dancing and I learned about life. I only have the best memories and hope to have the chance to work with Gus again soon. And I did it in March 2013

Susanne Schreeck, March, 2013

An hour with Gus is not only fun, but a great learning experience and a workout! His knowledge of dancing has no bounds. I would recommend Gus with no reservations.

Horst Hofmann, December, 2012

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